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Update Halloween characters: Comic/Maga look :icondoodleknots:DoodleKnots 0 2 Manga/Comic Look: Love has no bounds :icondoodleknots:DoodleKnots 5 1 Blue Suave Strings - Colored and Finished :icondoodleknots:DoodleKnots 2 2 Guitar Vibes Redone with no background :icondoodleknots:DoodleKnots 2 3 Line Art Redo - Guitar Vibes :icondoodleknots:DoodleKnots 0 0 Guitar Vibes :icondoodleknots:DoodleKnots 0 3 Gaiaonline: Sleepy time for Penwino :icondoodleknots:DoodleKnots 2 0 Line art :: Gaiaonline avatar: No Shxt :icondoodleknots:DoodleKnots 3 0 Watercolor Prinplup [ Cartoonified ] :icondoodleknots:DoodleKnots 2 0 Deep In Blues And Purples - redo- :icondoodleknots:DoodleKnots 0 0 Deep In Blues And Purples :icondoodleknots:DoodleKnots 0 0 Deep in blues and purples :icondoodleknots:DoodleKnots 2 0 Rat Girl Concept :icondoodleknots:DoodleKnots 0 0 Gaiaonline Avatar: Mayviline Totally Spring Time :icondoodleknots:DoodleKnots 2 0 New Sig Style :icondoodleknots:DoodleKnots 0 0 Gaiaonline :: Kitty's new look for Spring :icondoodleknots:DoodleKnots 3 0


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Made a new account: DrawingNeat.
Fill free to check out there.
The reason why I made a new account is because since I need to be a core or premium or whatever member to change the username (and I don't have money literally to do that or however it is done) and wanted to change my username, I decided to do a new account.
Update Halloween characters: Comic/Maga look
Trying to fix the errors on the drawings.
Thanks to those on the this thread…
for giving me advice/tips!
I'm still working on it so please fill free to give me more advice for this!

But for now this will do since it's also an entry for a contest!
:3 yay contest fun

The sai manga brush textures 03 and 04 are created by coby17
Link to her DA right here
Link to her brush textures that are used
Again thank you Coby17 for letting me use your resources!
Please anyone ask and give credit to Coby if using them.

This is an entry for her contest 2016…
I am trying to make a comic for Halloween 2016. Well it won't be creepy... It's actually my first time doing one. I needed something that can help me explore more on doing this type of style that I see in other black and white comics/manga and I thought this is a way to go. I already made a story board for it.
But I would like to know is how I can do the shading for black tones/gray. How I can make those funny patterns in comics (since the ones I already used are sai brush textures that I downloaded. (Keep in mind both of these characters are full white tone with some shading.
I also need to know about how a comic should be later out. this is a lot lol....…
Please any advice/tips would do.

I know my style looks cartoony but that's pretty much how I draw them lol xmx....
I'm still confuse on how to draw that blasted fur on his suit lol...
In fact ideas about their outfits would be nice also!

Update Halloween characters: Comic/Maga look by DoodleKnots
Manga/Comic Look: Love has no bounds
Making Halloween characters for a Halloween comic (yes I know Halloween is quite far but I thought the earlier the better to do since I still need to see what a comic layout looks like lol XD....
These are Halloween characters: Astrophel (Nick named as Astroph) and Lunette
Astrophel is the skull gentle man you see on the left side.
His name means "star lover". You might recognize this name from Phillip Sidney's sonnet collection - Astrophel and Stella.
Lunette on the right is literally a full blown out kitty cat character. So no humanoid halfkin or anything (think like the sonic characters lol).
Lunette's name literally means 'little moon' as well as derived from the name Luna.
There will be a character that has a name derived from the sun.
There is a pattern with their names since it also goes with their personality.
Astrophel being a STARRY lover (likes star gazing)
Lunette being as white as the moon itself while also being the typical cat that ventures at night but often her little adventure gets her into trouble.

Astrophel's design is based on:
lysandre's outfit from pokemon x and y.
Mystery skulls ghost character - his head floating.
Kcalb from the gray garden.

Lunette designed is based of my old gaia online character with small alterations:
Having 2 pony tails instead of 4 
Wearing a black dress to fit with the grim theme
wearing her usual torn mini cape.
Having a big animal nose
Different hair bang
Different eyes
And her signature/favorite flower being the calla lily.

They're two different beings: Felinian (pun feline/cat) and a skullossus (word mix of 'skull' and 'colossus')

Synapsis: Because of the family's strict traditional routine, Lunette leaves occasionally on her own to vent out her usual stress. This night she got a little cocky and decided to venture in a certain area where she should not be in. Luckily saved by a cold yet strange gentlemen who made her night frightening and confusing as the scene itself.

This picture is also a contest entry for Coby17's contest 2016…

Resources for this
paint tool sai
Texture settings Manga:03 and 04…
Please ask give credit to Coby if using her resources and thank you Coby for letting me use them!
Blue Suave Strings - Colored and Finished
Finally finished x x
Doing the background was hard... yes doing sky backgrounds are hard because this is the first time I colored a background lol...
Now I'm gonna go pass out T m T
Again this is a present for my guitar teacher.
I swear if I found this to be stolen I am going to stalk you and find you because this was hard lol!!!
I'm still looking for advice and tips on doing stuff like this faster /o/
This is by far the biggest piece I have ever done. Its big for me because its far different then how I would think it would turn out lol! x M x


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